FINALLY - Clear Skies!

FINALLY - Clear Skies! With all the wildfires in the state ash and debris is everywhere, the skies are finally clear.Wildfires aren’t just dangerous for the environment and those who live in the vicinity; the ash from these blazes can also harm your car’s exterior. Did you know that the ash and debris can ruin your vehicle's finish.You don't want to try and wipe the ash off as it could scratch the paint on your car. We have solutions that will remove ash safely from your car and restore it's natural finish! It is also a good idea to replace both engine air and cabin filters, you can do that yourself or at your local Oil Change station. Bring your vehicle into the 5 Star Car Wash & Detail center today. Let us do the dirty work so you don't have to! Visit our website to get info on all our car washes and packages!!